Authentic Coaching Group

Authentic Coaching Group

Do you want to become a Professional Certified Coach

Your Journey Begins Now

  Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others?

  Would you like to live a life fully aligned with your true purpose?

  Would you like to transform your life experiences into value for others?

  Do you want to learn to create sustainable success and fulfilment? 

If you said YES to any of these questions, then this is your opportunity to transform your life with our Coach Training and Leadership Program where you will learn the fundamental knowledge, skills and tools that coaches use to facilitate lasting positive change.

Through expert training and facilitation, your Coach mentor set you up for coaching success, where you practice the skills you’re learning and developing. You will also experience your own personal development journey with an intimate group of like-minded colleagues in a supportive environment.

If you’re longing for a life filled with more meaning, more connection, and more fulfilment from supporting others... then this is the path for YOU!

Who Is This Training For?

⮞ People seeking to work full or part-time as a professional coach

⮞ Leaders in organisations who seek to use highly effective coaching skills to support themselves, their teams and colleagues

⮞ People who want to experience an in-depth, life-changing personal development program

⮞ People who want to be part of a vibrant community of coaches and professionals from around the world who support one another to step into their brilliance

⮞ Our training regularly includes individuals sponsored by their organisation which recognise the value of coaching skills.

Coach Training Overview

This program is a live 2.5 hour weekly classes presented and facilitated in a highly experiential and interactive way. The skills shared and taught are practiced to integrated learning in the mind, body and heart.

Combining both traditional and holistic coaching techniques, this program give you the tools and the skills to help your clients recognize and utilize their spiritual, emotional, creative, intellectual, and other resources.

Our Coach Training program infuse a practical, experiential understanding of ICF core coaching competencies that were developed to support greater understanding of the skills and approaches used within today's coaching profession.

Here's some of the things we cover:

⮞ What coaching truly is and what it isn't

⮞ Powerful communication techniques such as building rapport, questioning to expand awareness and see new perspectives, active and intuitive listening and providing empowering and effective feedback

⮞ How to structure a coaching conversation

⮞ What attributes make a successful coach and coaching session

⮞ Goal setting for your personal and professional success

⮞ Success principles and pathways to follow on coaching journey with clients

⮞ The Updated ICF core competencies of coaching success including the ethics associated with coaching

⮞ How to work with our saboteurs which hold us back from our success and fulfilment

⮞ How to determine coaching topics, create action steps and manage progress.

⮞ How to coach on specific issues and challenges that are found in most popular life, career, and other coaching niches – as well as learning tools and techniques that are applicable within certain areas of coaching.

⮞As a result of being coached throughout the course by your instructor and fellow students, you will experience personal growth and self-discovery. And, as you coach others, you will achieve professional growth and experience accelerated learning on your journey to coaching mastery.

About Authentic Coaching Group

Founder Elmostafa Aissaoui passionately support people to evoke their greatness by supporting them to connect to their authentic truth by asking powerful questions of their heart, mind, body and soul linked with their goals, dreams and aspirations.

This holistic approach to coaching - as well as having an understanding of the neuroscience behind coaching conversations - has supported thousands of people - both life and corporate coaching clients - to make significant, courageous and positive change in their lives.

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