Authentic Coaching Group

Authentic Coaching Group

Coach Mentoring for:

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) And

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Program Overview

For the ACC accreditation or Renew ACC Accreditation :

The Mentoring Program is geared to support you to develop your coaching skills based on the 8 core competencies of the ICF (International Coach Federation) as well as build on your strengths as a coach, increase your coaching confidence and support you to find your own unique style of coaching.

This 11-hour program prepares you for the coach knowledge assessment (CKA) to gain your ACC level qualification with the ICF, as well as create a successful recording to submit to the ICF for review and feedback.

Eight hours of the program are online in a group setting (no more than 10 participants) covering each of the 8 core competencies. This includes clarifying what the competencies are and how to embody and experience the skills. The final three hours are direct one to one sessions with ICF PCC Mentor coaches based on your two coach recordings where you receive in-depth feedforward to support your coaching skills development.

For PCC Credential or renew the PCC accreditation:

This program consists of 7 hours of group work and 3 hours of one-on-one mentoring. During this program we mentor you at the PCC level, with a focus on supporting you to pass and outperform the PCC markers if you are seeking to go to the next level of accreditation.

During the programme, the focus will be on the 8 core coaching competencies as defined by the ICF. By the end of these sessions you will have a thorough understanding of each of these core competencies, and how to apply them to your coaching practice.

What You Will Get

10 Hours of mentoring meeting the ICF accreditation requirements under the Level one (ACSTH) route with two experienced coaches and coach mentors.

Supervision and feedback from Master Certified Coaches on your areas of strength and development

Ongoing support from mentors and participants and other coaches who have already been through the programme to continue to expand your coaching awareness

Understanding of the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) expectations

Powerful exercises to solidify and expand skills Understanding the requirements for ICF certification application

Seven hours of group mentoring online (maximum 10 participants in the group)

3 hours one to one mentoring on two of your recorded coaching sessions

You will also get access to recordings of an ICF Master Certified Coach coaching participants so you can learn the habits of coaching from a highly qualified and successful coach

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